bronte & frank's first picture book

Bronte & Frank arrive in Beverly Hills in the middle of spring and although Frank is not fond of busy cities, he agrees to head outdoors with Bronte to explore some famous landmarks. During their adventure to Rodeo Drive and Greystone Mansion, Frank must face one of his most secret fears...

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We've Been Everywhere, sung by Bronte

Frank's been with me since i was born
And he's the one who I adore
We travel the world until we're worn
And then we sleep from dusk 'till dawn
nd when we wake we stretch and yawn
And then we sing about it all.. cuz..

We've been everywhere
I'm bronte, Frank's my bear
'cross the skies so fair
We're such a happy pair
With you we'd like to share
How we've been everywhere

Been to:
London, Paris, New York, San Francisco
Berlin, Bangkok, Budapest, Buffalo
Sydney, Melbourne, Istanbul, San Diego
DC, LA, Niagara Falls, Rome & Moscow
Arbat, Pushkinskaya, Tevskoy, Bolshoi
Gorky Park, Tverskaya, Red Square
I'm not a liar..

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