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Award winning children's book author and native Australian, Megan Worthy, left the international film business after 20 years, to pursue her dream of producing traveltivity guides for kids. Together with her American husband George Henfling, they continue to drag Bronte & Frank on spur of the moment adventures around the planet, with the most recent location being Morocco.

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Danielle Forrest is an Australian self-employed graphic designer and creative director with more than 20 years experience at home and abroad. She has owned her own design studio and has extensive experience in publishing design and an inspired interest in children's book illustration. Danielle is also no stranger to toting her youngsters (Molly & Will) to foreign lands with her husband, a Scottish lad in the film business.

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Nicole has worked within the film industry over the past decade, established her garden design business Moonscape in 2005 and assisted Brendan Moar in series 1 and 2 of Dry Spell Gardening on The Lifestyle Channel. She also designed and project managed Matthew Hayden's permaculture garden 'Home Ground' which televised on the same network.

A jack of all trades she has styled weddings, residential spaces, film shoots and has also done her fair share of floristry. Her belief in sustainable living and love of beautiful objects is embedded in her new passion - Ella and Sofia's Table - a boutique tableware hire and styling service recycling vintage and retro tableware.

Bronte & Frank experienced their first long haul flight to Sydney when Bronte was just ten weeks old. She celebrated her first birthday in Budapest, turned two in Moscow, three in Milan, four in Los Angeles, six in Paris, enjoyed her seventh in Manila, and rode a camel for her last birthday in Marrakech.

Bronte & Frank Traveltivity Guides are designed to engage children’s imaginations, while they learn about new environments, culture and language.

bronte & frank traveltivity guides

Bronte was born in a hurry and has been on an insatiable quest for adventure ever since. Frank is an old soul and takes his role of educating and protecting Bronte very seriously. Bronte’s uncompromising love for Frank is as fierce as it is tender and together they are utterly inseparable soul mates.


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